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Ergonomic comfort for any seat

Improve your sitting posture with targeted lower back support

5000+ Happy Customers From 67 Countries

Ease back pain naturally

Spino helps to correct your sitting posture. You get fast results and long term comfort. Good posture affects your health, mood and motivation.

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Why good posture is important?

Slouching is a universal back problem that can lead to permanent and painful deformations. Research has shown that good posture has a host of health benefits.

Look good and confident

Better muscle tone

Improved energy level




Why do people love their spino?

“Most of the new moms suffer from back pain, so did I. But I have used spino for quite a long time and found it extremely helpful for feeding the baby, specifically in cradle hold position. It helps to reduce postural stress and user can sit for longer time.”

Dr Preeti Mahadik  

Cambridge University Hospital, NHS Trust, UK

#1 Recommendation to ease back pain is  Good Posture

Optimized Backpad

strong & premium

outer material 

soft & flexible

inside cushion

comfy cushion with

abrasion resistant fabric

Comfy Kneepads

strong yet flexible

outer ABS shell 

Our pelvis dictates the curve of the spine in all seated postures. Spino is a targeted support for the sacral-pelvic region that provides a controlled forward pelvic tilt to restore spinal curvatures and muscle balance. 




Non-detachable Straps

Detachable Straps

Chair Attachment

Designed for your lifestyle

Spino 5
Spino 6
Spino 4
Spino 1

How does it work?

Kyphotic Lumber Spine : Increased Pressure

Optimal posture with

perfectly aligned spine

Pelvis is stabilized by taking support from legs

Lordotic Lumber Spine : Balanced Spinal Curve

Pelvis Stabilization : Spino helps to sustain the forward tilt of the pelvis, which restores natural spinal curvatures. Since, it follows your body with every move, you constantly enjoy firm, adjustable and dynamic support hugging your low back.

Extra Muscle (which doesn't tire) : It acts like an extra muscle that never tires. By using the knees to stabilize the pelvis, muscles are relieved of their isometric tasks. The pelvis becomes a stable pedestal on which the spine can effortlessly rest with natural curves restored.

Recommended Use



No more hunching!

stay pain-free & boost your productivity

Sit right, breath better &

experience the deep level

of relaxation



Enjoy long movie/match sessions pain-free!

Reduce postural stress &

sit comfortably for feeding

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